Meet Emilio & Gino

The celebrity stylists behind Izzazu.

Over two decades ago, celebrity stylists Emilio & Gino of the Izzazu Haircare Brand started by opening a new salon in downtown Pittsburgh, Izzazu Salon Spa & Blowout Bar. Their drive stems from a passion to help people look and feel their very best. The duo’s dedication and enthusiasm has remained steadfast from their tenure as highly respected educators with world-renowned hair product companies, to features on both national and international television, including HSN, CBS, and Idealworld TV (London,UK).

Today, their vision of the Izzazu Haircare Brand reflects what they found to be most important: ‘recreating your salon look at home’ by delivering products that target specific areas for your hairstyle problems. To get there, the solution has to be tailored to your hair’s specific needs. We made it our mission to craft the differences behind exactly what makes hair healthier, fuller and shinier. The Izzazu Haircare Brand is committed to the finest ingredients, with each product uniquely formulated with plant extracts, proteins and vitamins to ensure integrity and superb style for all hair types.

“Izzazu Molding Putty is a great product for my short, fine hair. Shower, towel dry my hair, rub in a bit of putty and I’m good to go. No flat hair all day. Not sticky or gooey.”


“Magical Molding Putty is the best that I have ever used. You can order it online and it ships fast. Great stuff!”

“I mastered the scrunching and spray putty (yes-it is magical!)…I love the look…the cut is amazing and I just love the color-perfection~ You outdid yourself!! I actually love my hair again! Thank you! Thank you!”