“The Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner are AMAZING! It helped restore my dried damaged hair!”

“The best in town. Gino and Emilio are world class stylists and better human beings. Their stylists and staff treat you like family, only better.”

“I mastered the scrunching and spray putty (yes-it is magical!)…I love the look…the cut is amazing and I just love the color-perfection~ You outdid yourself!! I actually love my hair again! Thank you! Thank you!” – Cheryl

“Izzazu Molding Putty is a great product for my short, fine hair. Shower, towel dry my hair, rub in a bit of putty and I’m good to go. No flat hair all day. Not sticky or gooey.” – Judy

“I’ve been using Volumizing Mousse Gel for years. It is the one product that works and doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it look dirty. I have super soft baby fine hair and this product is just perfect. I live miles away, in a major city with lots of product options, but I order and have this shipped to me from Izzazu because it works! And Pat–who I work with to get the product ordered and shipped–is terrific!” – Sheri

“This is my new favorite hairspray! It provides a great hold for my long, thick hair that actually lasts, and is not super stiff like some of the hairsprays I’ve used in the past. I will definitely buy again!” – Christine

“I have very fine hair.  Volumizing shampoo is a good shampoo for volume and hair looks healthy.  I use the conditioner as well.” -Ruth

“Your Magical Molding Putty is a great product!”

“Magical Molding Putty is the best that I have ever used. You can order it online and it ships fast. Great stuff!”

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